It’s Been A While…

But Anyways You Should Join This Forum (Nothing To Do With The Project):  

We’ll Get Back To The Project ASAP. 

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I just realized that most of you guys don’t have a long weekend

no but we have the bbc

no but we have FREEDOM

Oh, you Americans and your ‘FREEDOM’…

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Update! (11th April)

Chapter 2 has been fully written by our lead writer Dorian Dawes, around 120 sound effects have been created by our lead sound producer David McNeill and we’ve had some new additions to some of the teams.

The teams are growing all the time and we would still love to hear from you if you think you could be of any use. We’re mainly in need of modelers/animators and programmers.

Other than that we’ve had a fairly decent time with the project so far and hope to get stuck in more and more as the weeks pass. Keep watching.

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